Pokémon GO Running Tips and Confessions

When Niantic Labs (previously owned by Google) released Pokémon GO in July 2016, the whole world went gangbusters for this location-based augmented reality game. To date, it’s the biggest mobile game in the country, hitting a record-breaking peak of 45 million users. While the craze is beginning to level off, there remain millions of users worldwide.

One of the best outcomes of Pokémon GO is that it’s getting people outside and motivating us — including our MapMyRun community — to walk further, run further, and generally stay off of the couch longer. Several staffers here at Under Armour Connected Fitness have admitted to jogging around their apartment building with their dog five times just to catch Pokémon (when, from the dog’s perspective, only once was necessary) and arriving late to a restaurant due to their first rare Pikachu sighting. One staffer also confessed to staying outside despite the rain to hunt down a tough Pokémon.

We don’t know the exact statistic on how many people have walked into trees or poles during their PokéRuns — and we probably don’t want to know. But in the spirit of safety and competition, we’re sharing some tips to hatch eggs, catch Pikachu, collect potions and evolve your Pokémon without any drama. After all, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

PokéRun Tips

1. Keep your head up

It’s common knowledge that you go in the direction of where you look, so fine tune your peripheral vision to be aware of your surroundings and avoid poles and trees — even while transfixed by your screen.

2. Stay charged

The app uses up quite a bit of juice. Run with an external battery source or turn off augmented reality to conserve your battery.

3. Get extra credit

Track your steps and miles by keeping the MapMyRun app open along with the Pokémon Go app.

4. Chase the magic number

The typical distance it takes to hatch an egg is 3.1 miles, or a 5k. So sign up to run a nearby 5K and kill two birds with one stone.

5. Watch where you play

Avoid playing in residential neighborhoods, and definitely don’t trespass. Since Pokemon thrive in parks, head to your local park or a National Park to catch Pokémon and enjoy spectacular vistas.


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