MapMyFitness Gives Back: CANville 2014

While MapMyFitness is a global community, Austin, Texas is where we call home. Every year our company comes together to give back to our community, and this year we got a little creative. Read our story, as noted in the Austin Business Journal, and let us know what you think we should build next year!


A few of years ago the folks at had fun and did some good at the same time with a cool competition they call Canville. The idea was simple: company departments would compete to build the biggest and baddest Austin icon out of canned food, and after the winner was proclaimed all the building supplies are shipped over to the Capital Area Food Bank.

For the past couple of years BuildASign has opened the competition to other businesses, and this year a dozen companies, including MapMyfitness, competed. BuildASign CEO Dan Graham said more than 20 businesses already have committed to the competition in 2015.

The result is a citywide food drive that strengthens corporate teams and gives us watchers something to gawk at. All 12 of the structures in the slideshow on this page came to the table with no less than 2,000 cans — and many required well more than that to build. In the end, Canville 2014 brought in 24,668 cans and $12,000 for the food bank — enough to provide hungry Austinites with 54,668 meals.

The MapMyFitness structure was built with the following items:

  • Charro Beans: 209 cans
  • Margaret Holmes Seasoned Chopped Cabbage: 26 cans
  • Polar Peeled Straw Mushrooms: 6 cans
  • Hunts Tomato Sauce: 201 cans
  • Bush Pinto Beans: 89 cans
  • Giorgio Mushrooms Pieces: 49 cans
  • Green Giant Le Sueur Salt Peas: 27 cans
  • Chili No Beans: 47 cans
  • Dark Red Kidney Beans: 15 cans
  • No Salt Black Beans: 23 cans
  • Diced Tomatoes: 215 cans
  • Ranch Style Beans: 69 cans
  • Garbonzo Beans:13 cans

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.05.35 AM