A Film For Runners By Runners

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A cinematic documentary exploring the inspiration and motivation that modern cultures associate with running & fitness is now on Kickstarter. Check out their trailers below and see what you think. Why do you run?


Told from the point-of-view of runners from all walks of life “What Moves You?” is a feature-length documentary that captures the heartbreak and euphoria of “every runners” as they break through the pain barrier in search of the joy of running.

Featuring spectacular aerial footage of some of the most scenic running events in the world, as well as interviews with running favorites like ‘The mayor of running”, Bart Yasso; 9-times Comrades King, Bruce Fordyce; Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnazes and many more.


Back this film on Kickstarter: bit.ly/wmyks


Kickstarter – What Moves You? from What Moves You? on Vimeo.