Workout With Propel – Challenge


Sweating is good for you. In fact, it’s great for you. But after a long workout, the visions of a refreshing bowl of ice cream, an ice cold soda, or even the sugar packed fruit juice that’s been in there since your son’s soccer practice last month are relentless. Especially when it’s hot out. Don’t undo the work you just did!

One of our favorite workout beverages to take on the trail with us is a nice cool bottle of Propel, the Workout Water from the makers of Gatorade. Propel is the perfect hydration for the way you work out: nine light flavors keep you drinking, and vitamins and antioxidants replenish, without a single calorie to bring you down from that post-workout high. What easier way to pretend you’re running on a calm island beach with the sand rushing between your toes with each step than a sip of kiwi-strawberry refreshment in between treadmill intervals. Granted, this requires a touch of imagination as well.

Whatever your workout, Propel and MapMyFitness are working together to get you the hydration you need during your sweatiest sessions with the Workout With Propel Challenge.

From July 9th – August 6th, log up to one workout a day and one Propel to have it count towards your chances to win an Under Armour gift card! Once you enter the challenge, workouts done on MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyWalk or MapMyRide will automatically be entered onto the challenge board. You do have to manually enter those Propels you chug on the website, though.


So what are you waiting for? Put. the ice cream. down.