Insights and Trends in Connected Fitness

Connected Fitness is a rapidly expanding market that begins with tracking physical activity and collecting data and manifests as mobile apps, wearable devices and more. As products and technology centered on health and wellness continue to develop, mHealth (defined as “mobile health and connected health”) is projected to hit $26 billion by 2017 (Research and Markets). Proving to be one of the biggest market explosions in history, connected fitness is gaining reach far past fitness enthusiasts and niche businesses and is seeing great demand in the mainstream market.

Issues like the obesity epidemic and the Affordable Care Act are just a couple of the major driving forces behind individuals’ increasing demand for robust and effective products built for health and wellness.

Along with this demand is a shift from reactive care to a proactive, or preventative, approach.  Companies that embrace new technologies and services, like rewards for healthy activity, are effectively positioning themselves for richer engagement and loyalty from their customer base.

Jawbone Group Platform Manager, Andrew Rosenthal is quoted in the paper, “Companies that are ready and able to adapt to that change, fully offering a holistic approach, will be the front-runners.”

In this full white paper on Connected Fitness, MapMyFitness discusses current trends, uncovers insights from thought leaders, and explains how brands can overcome challenges to scale for growth.

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Rachel Daily

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