Beat the Average With GNC – Challenge

According to The Wall Street Journal, the average person watches approximately three hours of television a day. Three hours may not seem like that much time when you look at it in writing, but think about what else you could accomplish in that amount of time and it may put things into perspective. You could take a pretty substantial road trip to a nearby town, work on your passion project or even invest it in getting your health in tip top condition.

In the spirit of rising above the mean and using some of that TV time to work on your overall wellness instead, we’re excited to announce the GNC Beat Average™ Fitness Challenge! 

The average MapMyFitness user’s workout hovers around the 4-mile mark and generally lasts about 58 minutes. We don’t think that’s too shabby! While we don’t want to make light of your hard work, the GNC Beat Average™ Fitness Challenge is here to push you to raise the bar.

To join the challenge, between July 28 and August 29, log all of your workouts on MapMyFitness to earn points that count toward the leaderboard rankings. Log any workout that lasts longer than the 4-mile or 58-minute average and you will earn extra points! At the end of the challenge, those who consistently pushed themselves to Beat Average™ will be eligible to win $5,000 to spend towards travel and registration for a race of your choice.

Don’t let the pull of the TV take you away from reaching your goals. We know you can do it. Now prove it to yourself! Are you ready to Beat Average™?

Rachel Daily

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