Why So Many Health Rewards Programs Fail


 Connected fitness and mHealth is a rapidly expanding market that involves the tracking and analysis of fitness and health data with the aid of new fitness activity trackers, wearable devices, and mobile apps. With this trend, many health institutions are tapping into fitness activity as a means for providing proactive health programs with benefits like health insurance discounts. With so many devices, apps, and technologies available, it can be a huge challenge to find the best solution to fit your rewards program. This is the #1 reason most rewards programs fail.

Members love choices. This is not a new concept, but often difficult to think through when designing your rewards program. Your members don’t want jump through hoops, sign up for yet another membership, only to forget their password and never login again. Members also have different fitness interests (from running, going to gym, or playing a sport) and are starting at different levels. Programs that are highly effective are those that are able to meet the needs of their diverse members. By limiting your connectivity to one partnered device or a few tracking apps, you are cutting off a huge population of your members using other methods, thus falling into a high failure rate. Open platforms like MapMyFitness Connect offers a trusted brand, large community of users, data collection via the most popular apps on iOS and Android, and support for every popular activity and fitness tracking device in the market.

Rewards programs fail because much like members, health partners are not sure of what they want to offer in their program. With the rapid evolution of health programs, new apps, devices, etc., sadly many rewards programs are out of date by the time they are launched. Offering an open and dynamic platform that changes with the market, offers your diverse members the ability to change their minds, adapt, and maintain an engaged relationship as their life, families, interests evolve and change. Maintaining this list and staying ahead of the curve is a huge challenge for most companies. With reports indicating that digital health app downloads are expected to exceed 42 million in 2016 (Juniper 2012) and wearable fitness devices will hit 64 million shipped by 2017 (Berg Insight) deciding to partner with an connected fitness open platform will only secure your program for growth and market change. Download the Connected Fitness White Paper here.

MapMyFitness is an open platform with over 32% of members already connected to one or more tracking device other than a phone and over 6% connected to additional nutrition tracking apps like MyFitnessPal. MapMyRun is the most used app, but MapMyDogWalk is the most dedicated. MapMyFitness produces highly engaged users, a large community, and an easy way to integrate a rewards or wellness program without fear of lack of interest.

MapMyFitness (with brands like MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, & MapMyRide) has an active registered membership of over 27 million and growing at an average rate of 1M new members a month. They are connected to over 400 fitness devices, and maintain a constant pulse on updating supported devices as the market evolves. Through MapMyFitness Connect you can easily tap into this platform to access authorized fitness activity. Unlike many other open platforms for connected fitness, MapMyFitness Connect provides trusted verified activity in real time and provides world class support.

 To learn more about MapMyFitness Connect and their open platform for your rewards program click here.