The Purina Pro Plan Fit Together Challenge

Eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise – we know what it is we’re supposed to do to stay healthy. But what about man’s best friend? Turns out, responsible pups need healthy routines and habits just as much as their adorable owners. Wait, who is the adorable one in this relationship? Regardless, the MapMyFitness team has partnered with the partnered with Purina Pro  Plan, experts in pet nutrition, for the Fit Together Challenge to get you started in getting and keeping your little pup as healthy and happy as you are.

What’s the perfect way to get started and track your progress? Get entered into the Purina® Pro Plan® Fit Together Challenge and log your activities together by selecting “dog walk” or “dog run” within your MapMyFitness activity type area. In order for your workout to count towards the challenge, it must extend longer than 15 minutes but cannot exceed 8 hours (or 20 miles.) They may have four legs to our two but they get worn out as well! You may only count one workout a day towards the challenge.

Just think, with all that outdoor time, they’ll be too busy and too sleepy to even think about ripping up the phone book or your new pair of special occasion shoes. The benefits don’t stop there, though. Check out the awesome prizes you and your fluffier half could win:


Daily Prize

  • 1 Winner each day receives a 18lb bag of Pro Plan

Weekly Prize 

  • 6 Winners will receive a Pro Plan Filled Sports Pack
  • Prize pack includes one 12-pack of Prime Bars, one 12-pack of Refuel Bars, Drawstring Bag, Frisbee, and Camelback Water Bottle

Grand Prize

  • 1 Winner awarded a year supply of Pro Plan (15 bags)
  • Participants eligible for Grand Prize Drawing if they log at least 20 qualifying workout days during the 45 day Challenge


You read that right – no buying dog food for an entire year! Not only that, but each day you log an eligible workout, you’re automatically being entered to win some of the best food and nutritional recovery options for your workout companion.

So what are you waiting for? Get those sneakers, that collar and your game faces on. Welcome to the Purina® Pro Plan® Fit Together Challenge!


Rachel Daily

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