Make Every Mile Count with a Run Worth the Drive

What’s the best route you’ve ever run? Chances are, you probably had to drive to the start. Today, MapMyFitness and Buick have teamed up to launch a new challenge – one that inspires runners to break their routine and find a route worth getting in the car to reach. We’re calling it Runs Worth the Drive.

The Runs Worth the Drive Challenge kicks off a new partnership highlighting the Buick Verano and the concept of driving to reach a new path. If you’re tired of the repetition of the same route and need new scenery and inspiration, this challenge is for you.

Did you know that 78 percent of MapMyFitness members choose their vehicle to fit their active lifestyle, and that compact luxury sedans such as the Buick Verano tend to be a top choice for runners? Think about that the next time you throw your yoga mat in the back seat, or pack your shoes for a jog after work. Celebrate summer by finding a run so epic, a drive to get there is necessary.

Competing in the challenge is simple: log five miles of running per week, for six weeks. All participants will compete in a virtual leaderboard where progress is measured in real-time, and weekly prizes are awarded. All runs (at least 5 minutes long) will be automatically added after joining the challenge and count towards the ultimate goal of 5 miles per week for 6 weeks – that’s 30 miles, folks! Whether you run once a day, once a week, or anywhere in between, we’ll make every step worth it.

We are rewarding the grand prize winner of the Runs Worth the Drive Challenge with an all-expense paid trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half-Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona. What better way to celebrate running than with one of the most celebrated races in the country?

To learn more, join the Runs Worth the Drive Challenge and start recording your runs. All workouts can be recorded through our award-winning suite of MapMyFitness mobile applications, including MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk, available on iOS and Android.