Bia Sport Launches First Multi-Sport Watch with SOS Alerts

Slim. Lightweight. No-fuss GPS. Multi-sport. Affordable. Built for safety. Do all of these features sound good to you? We thought so – meet Bia. Bia is a multi-sport GPS watch that is built by athletes for athletes, with design and comfort in mind and now fully integrated with MapMyFitness. Launched earlier this year, Bia boasts unique features, including the much talked about SOS Alert system, that are helping this sports tracker stand out from the crowd.

Bia let’s you unplug, lighten up and roam free with some features worth noting including:

  • Slim lightweight design and simple single-button touchscreen display
  • Quick-connect GPS that gets your workout started in seconds
  • Unique SOS safety alert for solo workouts
  • Instant data syncing to your MapMyFitness dashboard (or online training log)
  • 17 hours battery life, water resistance to 50M, full triathlon race mode, walk-run interval options and more

Bia consists of a slim sport watch and a small clip called the GoStick. They talk to each other wirelessly. The Go Stick contains the GPS and the cellular connectivity that tracks your workout data. It also serves as your emergency system if you need to use the SOS alert.

Bia Image 1

Whether you bike, swim or run – this is the perfect device to capture your activity in a sleek, comfortable way. Now available to our growing community, connect your Bia device to MapMyFitness for seamless syncing. Forget plugging your sports watch into your computer after each workout. Bia makes sure all of the information you care about – route, distance, pace, splits and heart rate*- appears in your MapMyFitness dashboard within seconds of completing your workout.

How to connect your Bia device to MapMyFitness:

  • Download the MapMyFitness app and create an account.
  • Register your Bia device and create an account.
  • While registering your Bia device, authorize Bia to auto-upload your workout data to your MapMyFitness dashboard (or manually sync after individual workouts).
  • Track your workouts.
  • Once you have authorized your connection, all workouts you do with your Bia will be populated into your MapMyFitness dashboard. You won’t need to do a thing.

MapMyBia Integration

Feel safer on your next run by setting up the SOS Alerts. This feature is exclusive to this product and is actually the number one request by women athletes. You can activate the SOS Alert by holding down the button on the watch for 3 seconds. Bia will text up to 5 contacts with your location letting them know you need help. If you send an SOS alert and then want to cancel it, just hold down the button on your watch for another 3 seconds and Bia will let your contacts know you are ok.

Bia is now fully integrated with MapMyFitness and available for purchase here.

*Bia heart rate information is available with connection to any ANT+ heart rate monitor.