MapMyFitness On the Road: Bay To Breakers

MapMyFitness has 24 million members all over the world and thousands that send us emails, Facebook messages, and tweets every day. We decided it would be fun to meet some of them face to face and see how they use their MapMyRun app to stay motivated and stay moving. 

While a minivan could have worked, we instead decided to snag a classic 1970’s Airstream, deck it to the hilt with Under Armour gear and snacks any runner would love, and head out for the West Coast on the first ever MapMyRun Tour.  We stopped in Albuquerque, NM, Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA during our trip west.


Our final stop was sunny San Francisco – home of Bay to Breakers, the oldest, largest, craziest race in the entire country. Once we parked our large silver chariot, we ventured out to meet both locals, and those who had travelled far and wide for the big run. We set up shop in the expo center for two days of race preparation with the Under Armour team. Our team was present to dare any and all race participants brave enough with the MapMyRun Hayes Hill Challenge and a pretty intense photo booth.


The Hayes Hill Challenge was open to anyone using the MapMyRun app during the race and automatically tracked the fastest results along a course on the route – which were all displayed on our digital leaderboard. Hayes Hill is no easy feat. While it is one of the most daunting hills in the city, the speed of some of the first runners up it was nothing short of impressive.  


Starting the race off was a fleet of elite runners that were playing for keeps. Amongst them was Boston Marathon 7th place finisher, Nick Arciniaga, who signed autographs in the Under Armour booth the day before with the Bay to Breakers mascot, a giant pink ape. Following in their running footsteps were about 50,000 other runners decked out in costumes, alter egos, group run themed packs, and countless other spectacles that drive the knowing smiles and nods when someone utters “Bay to Breakers weekend” in the San Francisco area. 


We met some pretty incredible MapMyRun users, welcomed hundreds of new members and saw more than 1,300 people take us up on our Hayes Hill Challenge. We would tell you more but we’re already in serious talks to plan next year’s costumes. Speaking of which – if you want to join us in the race up the hill, you can practice using our custom training plans we developed specifically for the Bay to Breakers race. 

If you took pictures of our Airstream, hopped into our magical wonderful .Gif machine, or just said hello at the race, we’d like to know about it and thank you personally. Leave a comment below! Congrats to all the 2014 Bay to Breakers runners and we’ll see you next year! 


Rachel Daily

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