Who Fartleked? The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo

Posted on April 4th, 2014 in Blog, News.

Fartleks: (noun) – Easy runs broken up by quick sprinting bursts.

Woah..what were you thinking? C’mon. 

We’re wrapping up #RunWeek here and figured your knees could use some rest – let’s work that brain muscle instead! Whether you are just getting into running or you’ve had it as a routine staple for a while, it can still be intimidating at times, even for the most seasoned pros. The crew over at Greatist knows that and has compiled a great list of some essential running jargon to have in your verbal repertoire – even if thinking about them only serves to take your mind off the dreadmill. Here’s some of our favorites. 

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Cadence – the number of steps taken per minute while running. The fastest runners have a cadence of about 180 steps a minute. 

Dreadmill – what runners call the loathed piece of gym equipment they have to use due to time or weather constraints. 

Interval Training – by alternating specific time periods of specific high and low intensity during a run, intervals are just one way to get faster, build strength and see calories melt away. 

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Lactic Acid – Formed when the body cannot generate energy using oxygen, lactic acid is produced anaerobically. 

Rabbit – pacemakers or pace-setters during a race. They keep going….forever.

Bandit – cheaters that run a race without registering or paying an entrance fee

Splits – A race’s total time divided into smaller parts is known as splits. An even split is the same pace through the entire race. A negative split, the second half of the race was run faster than the first! 

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Ice Baths – a shock to the senses that can reduce inflamation and aid in the post-long run recovery process. It’s like, brrrr. 

Taper – a decrease in total running mileage to help store energy before a big race. 

DNF – What is posted in race results when someone didn’t finish a race. Oops?! 

This is only the beginning! To check out the whole list of running terms, head over to Greatist and their Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo. Do you have any “runner’s slang” you use frequently that’s not on their list? Let us know!