75th Year – Still One Gear

Posted on March 25th, 2014 in Blog, News.

How One MapMyRide User is Honoring  His Great Grandfather’s Ride

In 1939, Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce member, James Spratt White II decided to take a 700 mile ambassador tour to encourage folks to visit his “good town.” With a bag in his basket and a one gear bicycle, he set out for the hills and the Big Apple. This July, his great-grandson, Jay White, will set out to re-create his ride, bike replica, tourism encouraging sign, and all. 

The only difference? The allocated spot on his bike’s handlebars for his iPhone where he powers his MapMyRide app. Using the app allows him to document such a historic ride in a more permanent, digital space. It also allows him to take a peek at the other cyclists that are using the app around him.

“I’m always in last place because I’m on Old Betsy,” White said in a piece with the Charlotte Observer, but sometimes slow and steady wins the race. 


Planning to travel between 70-80 miles a day in the throes of summer, White will have a support car traveling in front of him to help coordinate the trip, media requests, and meetings with town mayors along the way. With training well underway, White said he’s glad at the time the trip will be coming up due to Rock Hill’s upcoming debut of a BMX Supercross track and the hosting of some large cycling events at local venues. 

MapMyRide wishes Jay the best of luck on his historical ride and is excited to see the app being used in such a momentous way! To find out more about Jay and his great-grandfather, check out the interview and coverage in the Charlotte Observer



Article – The Charlotte Observer

Photos: The White Family / The State.com