I’m Determined and Up for the Challenge

Posted on January 14th, 2014 in Blog.

Lou Reid: “I couldn’t even imagine going out the door for a run without my phone.”

My name is Lou, and I’m from New Zealand. Last October I ran my 1st half- marathon. I was 30kg overweight, but I did it. I crossed the finish line and vowed to NEVER do another one again. Last April, I got my mind into a different way of thinking and as I write this I’m happy to say I’ve lost 23.5kg. Only 6kg to go. I’ve found myself addicted to running. I go out most days for a run anywhere between 5-8 km long, depending on how the legs are feeling.

I love getting a weekly summary of what I’ve achieved over the week and also love redoing courses and seeing how much I have improved. I’ve managed to go from 8 min/km down to 5 min/km, which I think is pretty good.

I’m now looking forward to running another half-marathon and recently told my hubby I’d like to put the New York Marathon on my “bucket list.” I couldn’t even imagine going out the door for a run without my phone and the MapMyRun app. I simply love it and tell anyone who’s prepared to listen all about it.

I’m looking forward to hitting my goal weight immensely and I’d like to take this opportunity to say a massive “thank-you” to everyone at MapMyRun for giving me the motivation to get out the door when I first started out. My goal this year is to compete in a triathlon. To do this I’m going to need swimming lessons and I mean, a lot of them! I’m not sure I could swim one length of a pool at this stage. But I’m determined and up for the challenge. My advice to others is to set small achievable goals and have some mini rewards along the way to keep yourself motivated.