Plug-in to the All-New Activity Feed

Posted on January 15th, 2014 in Blog.

We are excited to introduce you to a feature our team has been working on for a while – the all-new Activity Feed. This new feature is designed to organize not only all of your activity, but also provide better insight into what your friends are doing within MapMyFitness. Available on the latest iOS mobile apps (v 5.3 available for download here) and on the website, the Feed includes your latest workouts, routes and social connections your friends have made.

Get familiar with Activity Feed:

  • Choose to view everyone’s activity or just your own. Simply put, the more friends you have, the more complete your feed experience will be.
  • With that said, friending is a whole lot easier. We’ve kept it simple by providing you friend suggestions right in your Feed. Connect your Facebook account to take your friend count to the next level.
  • Within the Feed, check out your friend’s latest workout by tapping on their workout summary. A route thumbnail will pull up the in-depth Workouts page to see all of the details you’ve come to love.
  • Work hard, earn new ranks. Your best workouts will be called out in the Activity Feed if they are in the top 10% or top 20% for your activity (based on age and gender).
  • We’ve also upped our social game by adding ‘liking’ to the mix. You can “like” an activity within the feed by selecting the heart icon.


Content on the activity feed is ordered sequentially by most recent activity to oldest activity, creating a visual timeline of all of your fitness stories. Friend or competitor, the Feed experience is amplified with every new connection you make. We’re continuing to build on our commitment to be THE social fitness community. Within the last 30 days alone, friending has more than doubled.

The Activity Feed will be rolling out over the next few weeks to our entire community. Those with an active friends network will get to experience the Feed first. Sign-up for early access and work directly with our product team to make the Feed great.