Hot Products Catching Our Eye

Posted on December 17th, 2013 in Blog.

By Jake Morse, MapMyFitness Community Manager

For the past few years running insiders from around the world gather in Austin, Texas to ogle at the newest line of running related products. This is known as The Running Event (TRE). I had a few hours to walk the floor this year and these are the most impressive products I could find.

Roll Recovery: R8

Looking like a combination of a spring loaded bear trap and roller blades, the R8 is the most advanced massage roller on the market. Massage increases blood flow to soft tissue and helps to clear post workout lactic acid build up. The portable R8 is spring loaded which allows the athlete to effortlessly work hard to reach problem areas. While most of us lack the time and money for daily massage appointments, the R8 is an invaluable tool to keep your legs feeling fresh and training on track.

Under Armour: Speedform

Under Armour has sent a strong message to the running shoe industry with the Speedform. Striving for the ultimate in fit and ride, Under Armour thought outside the traditional toe box to develop a shoe that is truly innovative. Assembled in a repurposed bra factory, the company has set a new paradigm in how shoes are manufactured and should feel. After slipping a pair on I quickly realized Under Armour has produced, in essence, a concept shoe that is a sign of smart things to come.

Red Fox: Edge Wireless Headset

Running and listening to music are two things I love. In the past I have attempted to bring these two passions together but have never been able handle the wires for more than a short run or ride. The Edge, produced by Red Fox, cuts the wires and connects via Bluetooth to any smart phone. With on-device controls you can make phone calls and switch tracks with ease. Supported by a whole ecosystem of products, the Red Fox Edge has created a product (in my opinion) that works better and sound cleaner than any other sport focused wireless headset.

Huma: Chia Energy Gel

Energy Gels have long been used to stave off the dreaded yet inevitable bonk. In the past Energy Gels have been more about function over form, taste and quality of ingredients. Huma’s Chia Energy Gel contains natural ingredients that are easy on the stomach and incredibly nutrient rich. Chia seeds may be tiny but they pack a powerful punch of omega 3, protein, fiber, antioxidants and calcium. The clean taste and quality ingredients set Huma Chia Energy Gel apart from the competition.


No matter what your preferred activity might be, there is a pretty good chance that icing sore and swollen muscles will come into play. HyperICE has developed a product that makes icing portable and efficient. The genius is in the ice cell with air release valve. Simply fill the ice cell with ice and water, apply to the sore area, push the valve to remove the air and then apply the compression wrap.

These are just a few of the products that made an impression on me at this year’s event. Is there a certain device or line of devices you want more feedback on? Leave comments below and I’ll be happy to review.