Hit the Trails for Mind and Body Excellence

Posted on November 20th, 2013 in Blog.

Guest post by Erik Stanley

Trail running has so much to offer as seasons change, temperatures drop and nature reminds us that the world is always in flux. Hitting the trails is the ultimate way to experience the mind-body bliss running can bring, especially if you are looking to switch up your routine.

As many gear up for big time road marathons, I like to spend my time on the trails. The softer terrain gives my body a break from the monotonous pounding that results from a full summer and fall of racing. Trail running also increases flexibility and power output due to the need to jump over downed logs or stoop under low branches.

Getting out on the trail is easier than you may think. The first thing to do is ask around or do some research on popular trails in your area, check your City Page for a list of featured routes. Once you have scouted a viable trail system in your area, lace up and lose yourself on the trail.


If you are goal-oriented like myself, choose a trail race in your area. The trail-racing scene is a community of genuine runners who enjoy the scenery and are up for a challenge. Every December, I organize a trail race in central Texas called El Sendero. Winding over granite and quartz rock formations and through gnarly mesquite trees, El Sendero is one of the finest trail running experiences the great state of Texas has to offer. Learn more here www.roguetrailmix.com.

There are several trail races around the world, with select events passing through some of the best terrain imaginable. Check out this list of the world’s best trail races (source: Runner’s World).

Erik Stanley is a trail coach, race director for Rogue Running’s Spring Trail Series and Rogue Trail Mix. He was an All-American in the 1500m at The University of Texas and recently 4th at the USATF 100K Championships in Bandera, TX. He also has set a goal to run sub four in the mile and complete his first 100 mile race this upcoming season. Follow him here: www.erikstanley.com.