Ambassador Tips: Holiday Workout Motivation

Posted on November 22nd, 2013 in Blog.

By Jake Morse, Community Brand Ambassador

Holiday spirit is everywhere this time of year. Motivation to keep training, on the other hand, isn’t so easy to come by.  With the combination of cross-country travel, the abundance of comfort foods and celebratory drinks, the holidays make sticking to any training plan a challenge.  To help you stay on track this season we have asked our ambassadors for some words of advice. Have a question of your own? Ask an official MapMyFitness ambassador for yourself on our Google+ Community page.

This time of year is great as the weather seems to be just perfect for running. Lots of fun races to be found around town, Turkey Trot, Christmas Dash, and Austin Jingle Bells Run, helping you to keep those extra holiday pounds off. – Sabine

Get together with a group of friends or a local club to help increase the team spirit during the holidays. Schedule group workouts which are more fun, and help everyone hold each other accountable. – Trent

Find a balance during the holidays between training and personal time. Use positive reinforcement to make it easier to find time to train. Reward yourself for hard work. “If I train now, I can sleep in a little more tomorrow morning.” Don’t punish yourself for enjoying the holidays. Keep your workouts simple so your schedule can be easily adapted based on travel, weather, and family  – Nathaniel

My motivation is avoiding the “all or nothing” mentality. I know that I am going to slack but as long as I don’t fall completely off the wagon, then I consider that a success. – Brittany

I stay motivated during the holidays mainly because I transition into my other favorite sport – SNOWBOARDING! – Matthew