Helping Brands Engage in Connected Fitness

Posted on October 10th, 2013 in Blog.

At MapMyFitness, we are obsessed with Connected Fitness – using technology to make fitness social, fun, simple, effective, and rewarding.

It’s no surprise that with the rise of Connected Fitness and the experiences now possible with the convergence of hardware (fitness trackers and smartphones) and software (apps), brands should use every opportunity to connect with users on a new level. This especially includes at a time when they are receptive, positive, active and have endorphins on the rise during and after workout or fitness activity.

We call this connecting at the “moment of sweat”.

We were invited to attend Advertising Week’s 10th anniversary event, alongside our partners from Aetna’s CarePass, to talk about how Connected Fitness can empower consumers to chart a path to a healthier life. This roundtable discussion focused on emerging trends in digital fitness and the implications to brands.

Because MapMyFitness connects with 400+ third party devices, including major brands like Magellan, Garmin, Polar Fitbit and Withings, our platform is an open hub for the fitness tracking. Interested? Listen to our interview on Connected Fitness and what’s coming next.

Brands seeking deep, integrated experiences connecting with people at their best moments – when they’re losing weight, breaking personal records, keeping resolutions, training for a big race or just impressing their friends, should contact us at