A Very Pre Halloween

Posted on October 30th, 2013 in Blog.

By Trent Gillaspie, MapMyFitness Brand Ambassador

It was Halloween night; I went out for a run,
Dressed up in my Prefontaine costume for fun.
I passed children and candy, all through the streets,
Occasionally stopping for aid station treats.

I went down to the mile long trail that I love,
Tonight, in thick fog I could barely conceive of.
When suddenly alongside me in the mist did appear,
A shadowy figure, my bones rattled with fear.

As we ran side by side, I noticed his flair,
His prize-winning mustache, and long flowing hair.
Then, suddenly he sped off into the night,
I was again all alone, this time not in fright.

I raced to catch up, but it seemed like a walk,
I ran through the park, finish line at the clock.
The clock hands were spinning at a blistering pace,
Then came to a halt, 3:54 on its face.

I smiled as I ran down that trail in the fog,
At the end, turning back, I slowed to a jog.
I peered into the distance, but the figure was gone,
That Halloween night, I learned Pre lives on.

Happy Halloween from the MapMyFitness Team!

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