From our Ambassadors: Favorite Fitness Devices

Posted on September 26th, 2013 in Blog.

By Jake Morse, Community Brand Ambassador

Learning to navigate your way through the ever-shifting tides of connected fitness can be overwhelming. It seems like every time you turn a corner there is new space age gizmo that will forever revolutionize the way you run, ride, commute, lose weight, do pushups, sleep, meditate and even walk your dog. Before attempting to launch into the uncertain seas of digital fitness tracking, it’s important to know your own active ambitions and leave you to your own devices. To point you in the right direction we asked the MapMyFitness Ambassadors how they plug into the world of connected fitness.


  • “On the run I use my good old fashioned Timex Chrono. I typically map out my routes and workouts before so that I can prep my paces needed for the particular segment. It gets my head ready before the workout. This allows you to feel the effort and adjust from there. On the bike I use a Garmin Edge 500. This gives me heart rate altitude speed cadence and power. Once I finish the workout I can plug in my interface and review all the metrics from the workout.” – Nathaniel
  • “I don’t leave the house without my iPhone, so why exercise without it? I use MapMyRun, FitBit, Fitocracy, and Lift apps to help me track my day-to-day fitness activities and habits. These tools help me to not only achieve my goals, but set more reasonable goals, start healthy habits, and grow stronger in my training and overall performance. Plus, all of the tools help me socialize with others about my goals to better hold me accountable, and get questions answered from the community when I need help on something, whether it is a fitness goal, or even a life goal.” – Trent

  • “I recently started training with a PowerTap power meter and it has really changed the way I train and race. It’s a great tool to keep you accountable while training, and it gives you an edge over your competition while racing. By uploading my rides to MapMyRide, I’m able to analyze the data and set power zones to help me improve my cycling. By using a device and logging my workouts, I’m able to look back over the data before a big race to help boost my confidence by seeing the work I’ve put in.” – Ben
  • “I have been using MapMyRun for several years. I love seeing my stats and the improvement I am making, whether it’s on pace or distance. I also love the competition it creates among my friends as we are comparing numbers–there is nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. If anything, it is a good motivator to better yourself!” – Sabine
  • “I use a heart rate monitor while bicycling and find it super-helpful for pacing myself. I know that below a certain heart rate, say 120 beats per minute, I can ride all day. Conversely, I can only go above my “red line,” say 160 BPM, for a few minutes at a time. When I’m climbing a big pass or mountain, I try to keep my ticker in the 140s, but that doesn’t always work out. By analyzing the data, I’ve learned that my heart rate is generally much higher when I’m mountain biking than road riding, hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. No wonder fat tire rides are so tiring.” – Mitch
  • “When I really got into running last year, I immediately started using MapMyRun and it was life changing! Before when I would run, I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t use a fitness tracker. I think my newfound love for running is dependent upon using a fitness tracking device because it allows me to track my progress and keeps me dedicated. Prior to MapMyRun, I had no gauge of where I was in my training. All I knew was that running wasn’t fun and I felt like it wasn’t getting easier. I remember the first time I saw my pace decrease on MapMyRun; I was so pumped! All I wanted to do was get back outside and better it. I love that I can see my friends activity, which challenges me to continue pushing myself. Also, I love the weekly and monthly wrap ups that summarize my workout history so I can really see how I’m doing on a high-level. Working out without a tracking device leaves me feeling incomplete so I’m glad I have MapMyRun to keep me on track!” – Brittany

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