Upping the Ante: Challenge, Accepted

Posted on August 1st, 2013 in Blog, News.

By Kevin Callahan, Co-Founder and VP Innovations

It’s official – I’m in a competition to lose 20lbs by December 1st with Owen Thomas, Editor-in-Chief over at ReadWrite. It started during a friendly conversation about the quantified self and how fitness trackers are playing a role in motivation. It ended with a personal challenge to drop a few pounds – 20, to be exact.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.54.36 AM

For anyone who has set a hard goal of losing weight, we know it all starts with a plan. My plan is to work out most days, burning hopefully at least 500kcal a day in extra activity. Here’s how my first week stacked up:

  • Thu: 688 kcal
  • Fri: 844 kcal
  • Sat: 586 kcal
  • Sun: 1308 kcal
  • Mon: 743 kcal
  • Tue: 1157 kcal
  • Wed: 253 kcal

I did about 42 miles for the week between cycling, walking, and running. I was pretty pleased with this week. My second goal was to see first how diligent I was in recording my nutrition data (as I’m hoping to maintain less than 2,000 kcal day). This week I wanted to start with a simple measure: could I remember to record my intake for the day?

  • Thu: Yes
  • Fri: No
  • Sat: No
  • Sun: No
  • Mon: Yes
  • Tue: Yes
  • Wed: No

It seems like I have a bit of work to do here. Whether you prefer writing your nutrition down on paper, or logging it online, making yourself aware of what and how much you are consuming is a feat in itself. So how did I do weight wise?

  • Sun Jul 21: 194.7 lbs
  • Thu Aug 01: 191.1 lbs

From here on out I will try to record my weight Thursday mornings. You can follow my progress here. I also encourage and welcome any words of inspiration – Follow me and Owen on Twitter to track our progress through the hashtag #Lose20ByDec.

On to the next week – wish me luck!

Goals: Continue 500 kcal days and aim for a 100% on daily nutrition recording.