From our Ambassadors: Training Tips

Posted on August 27th, 2013 in Blog. By Jake Morse, Community Brand Ambassador

The summer solstice is long gone and fall is fast approaching. For some it means the start of school, to others, the kick-off to football season. For the runners and riders at heart, it means the beginning of the fall race schedule. We tapped the shoulders of our ambassadors for some expert tips going into this year’s race season. Enjoy!

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Depending on the race distance you are training for sign up for some of the races around town and/or use the MVP training plans as those will definitely get you up to your desired race distance. Most importantly though have fun with your workouts, change up your routines and don’t get discouraged by “bad runs” as those are part of the game. – Sabine

Have a plan and set goals. Don’t just go out and log mileage if you’re training for racing. Do intervals, cadence rides, or pyramid training and keep a log to track your improvement. – Jay

For all of you runners out there, give your knees a break before the Fall race season picks up. Jump on the bike and enjoy the summer weather and wind in your hair while you still can. Try to substitute your 30min run workout with an hour bike workout to cover more ground and scenery, but also give yourself a different workout to promote your growth for your next run! – Trent

Go into every race with clean sunglasses! Take time the night before a race to clean off your sunglasses to eliminate the frustration of dirty shades on race day. – Melinda

Keep a schedule of your bike maintenance and mileage. With the change in the weather during the fall, make sure your bike (cables, chain, and brakes) are in good condition to handle the shifts in weather. – Nathaniel

Something is always better than nothing. If you have an hour run on the schedule, but you know you will only have 30 minutes of free time during the day, then run 30 minutes. It’s better to do something, then to skip the run all together because you didn’t have time to do the complete workout. Sometimes I know I’ll have two 30 minute openings during the day, so I’ll just split the run up and do what I can. – Ben

Start slow and don’t over do it! Just like you shouldn’t start at full speed when you run a race, you shouldn’t start at full speed with your training. Progress at your own pace. – Brittany