Teva Route Art Contest Winners

Posted on August 7th, 2013 in Blog, News.

We discovered some very talented artists during our first ever Route Art contest. So when Teva brought along another challenge, the bar was raised for the creativity of submissions. We knew we could count on all of you, and boy did you deliver.

The mission was simple: Create a route on the MapMyFitness website, save the route (and confirm it’s public), and copy the link to our Facebook entry page. The more entries, the better. Our goal is to empower our users to get out there and be active, but still have a good time. This contest not only embodied our core mission of promoting active lifestyles, but also encouraged people worldwide to become more familiar with our mapping tools.

This contest we decided to switch things up a bit, and instead of having our company choose the three lucky winners, we left it up to all of you! We uploaded Route Art submissions and called on all of our fans to vote for their three favorites. Thousands of you voted and the results are in. Congratulations to our lucky winners and thanks to everyone for participating!

"Flying Shoe" by chadclancy

“Flying Shoe” by chadclancy

"Ping-Pong" by WallyGPX

“Ping-Pong” by WallyGPX

"AT-AT Walker" by KristaB15

“AT-AT Walker” by KristaB15

You can view all of the Route Art submissions on our Facebook page. Do you have any suggestions for our next Route Art contest? Leave your comments below and we’ll be sure to consider all input for our next challenge.