Device Update: MapMyFitness Now Syncs with UP by Jawbone™

Posted on August 15th, 2013 in Blog, News.

MapMyFitness is excited to announce a 2-way integration with UP by Jawbone™, a wristband and app system that helps you know yourself so you can make smarter choices and feel your best. This integration will allow you to import workout data from UP directly into MapMyFitness. MapMyFitness was selected as one of the first apps to be welcomed into the UP Platform. Now you can seamlessly sync workout data both ways – from the MapMyFitness app into UP, or directly from UP into MapMyFitness.

Importing workout data from UP is as simple as connecting your UP account to your MapMyFitness account. Visit the import dashboard, then enter your login credentials for UP. Once you authorize the connection, you’ll see your workouts from UP populate into your workout history. This import will populate entire day’s worth of steps as a single ‘Walk’ workout. Once you have connected UP to MapMyFitness, your activity will be pulled into your MapMyFitness account each night.


All-day activity tracking is a feature our users have requested, and partnering with innovators such as Jawbone has allowed us to now populate all of your daily steps into one workout. This information (now populated into your MapMyFitness workout history) will help keep our users motivated and aware of their progress. These integrations highlight how MapMyFitness continues to promote an open platform, allowing our growing community worldwide to use the devices they love as they monitor and improve their health and fitness.


MapMyFitness has an active community of over 18 million members and is the largest social fitness company allowing users worldwide to create and meet goals, compete with each other and engage in new ways through innovative web and mobile technology. With an open platform, MapMyFitness recognizes the importance of device variations and allows each user to sync whichever device they are using into our ecosystem (now 200+ strong). Incorporation of these devices will add to the over 700K activities routes and nutrition logs submitted each day.

*At this time we do not currently support importing sleep data or manually logged workouts from the Jawbone UP.

For a step-by-step overview, please visit our Support page.