Reasons to Exercise With Music (+ 5 Energizing Playlists)

Posted on July 30th, 2013 in Blog, News. Are you one of those people who can’t head out for a run without your iPod? Along with a few reasons to crank up the tunes during your next workout, we found some great playlists from the PopSugar team.

  • Music motivates: Too tired to hit the gym? Playing an upbeat song can help get you moving, making it much easier to slip on a sports bra and head out the door.
  • It beats boredom: Repetitive types of exercise like biking, walking, or jogging can get, well, repetitive. Stay motivated by listening to your favorite music or a playlist of new tunes you’ve been waiting to check out. It’s an enjoyable way to make time pass more quickly, and before you know it, you’re done with a 30-minute workout.
  • It inspires longer workouts: Listening to music can also encourage you to exercise longer. Before going on a run or ride, create a longer playlist and push yourself to keep going until the music is done playing.
  • It sets the pace: It’s hard to give 100 percent when it’s difficult to gauge how fast you’re moving — music can help. Follow along to slower-paced songs for endurance workouts, and likewise, faster-paced music sets the tone if you’re working on increasing your speed. If interval workouts are your thing, then create a playlist that alternates between moderately paced songs and super fast ones.

Need some inspiration? Checkout these workout playlists.

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  • Rock and run: If you love upbeat rock ‘n’ roll tunes, here’s a playlist of fast, fun indie songs with an electric twist to get you moving now.
  • Electro-pop power: An electro-pop cardio playlist is perfect for an upbeat workout — or an impromptu dance party! — when you’re in need of some motivation.
  • Pump up the jams: Don’t leave getting your fill of ’90s tunes up to the radio gods. This mega-playlist of the best pump-up jams from the ’90s will push you through your workout with a smile on your face.
  • Songs of Summer: Bring the hottest tracks of Summer 2013 to your workouts with this Summer playlist featuring songs from artists like Macklemore and Daft Punk.
  • 5K soundtracks: If you’d like some music to motivate you for your next 5K, there’s a pick on this list with the right BPM to help you keep your speed.