It’s Raining Workouts

Posted on April 16th, 2013 in Blog. Winter is technically over and things are beginning to warm up – and boy is it showing. Last week alone you logged more workouts and routes than at the peak of last year – congrats! Let’s help each other make 2013 our fittest yet. We’ll be highlighting our tools along the way to ensure you are utilizing our apps and website to their fullest.

With routes being logged at record speeds, why not add a little competition into your workout? Courses are exactly what you need. Courses are portions of routes that are used to compare your effort against yourself or other members on course leader boards. Go on a ride, walk or run and record your workout with any GPS device. Any courses that overlap with your workout will automatically record your time to the course leader board.


Train against yourself to improve your time or challenge others to earn points and achievements. Don’t worry, we’re about more than just speed – Guru points (how often you complete a course) and Personal Record points (your all time best) contribute to monthly scores as well. Complete a course, earn points and challenge the leader board. Every month is a new chance to take a course title – so get moving. Don’t have any courses on your workout but think you should? Create your own course.

For all of our MVP users – Route Genius is by far the fan favorite. This tool is perfect for any business traveler looking to maintain their workouts on the road, or for those ready to workout in a new part of town. Simply input your workout requirements (such as starting point, length of workout, travel mode (run vs. ride), and desired direction) and hit ‘Recommend a New Route.’ It’s that easy. If you aren’t in love with the first recommendation, keep hitting the orange button and new routes will be created for you. On the go? Send your created map to your phone to immediately start your workout.

MVP_Route Recommender Example

Things are heating up and it’s not even summer yet! Happy training and keep up the good work.