MapMyFitness Updates Social Fitness Apps for Facebook

Posted on March 13th, 2013 in Blog.

MapMyFitness (including the MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk brands) is among the apps you can now add to app sections on your Facebook Timeline. Facebook has improved timeline and the About page to organize and showcase activities from apps. The new improvements will create a different display upon sharing activities from the MapMy* apps for iPhone, Android, and web.

The new MapMyFitness activity updates include a larger map display (eliminating the thumbnail maps), and a new data layout to better showcase your workout on Facebook. MapMyFitness users who do not log a workout with GPS can still share their activity information with refreshed icons.

Facebook Graph

The information displayed through Facebook will link back directly to MapMyFitness members’ personal workout pages where additional detailed information and analytics are available. We have already seen more traffic on the MapMy* sites and will continue to further engage our 14M+ users. More specifically, through the new fitness objects, MapMyFitness has seen +53% growth on click through rates, +289% Like rate growth (per impression), and +190% comment rate growth (per impression).

MapMyFitness, created in 2006, was one of the first fitness apps integrated with Facebook (and recently one of the fastest growing). As a company, we understand that health and fitness is one area where sharing is important, with this concept built into our foundation from the very beginning.

Since integrating with Open Graph, the company has continued to rapidly grow, and of the total 14M+ MapMyFitness members, 3.5M, or roughly 1 in 4 users have synced their Facebook accounts with our platform (either logging in with their Facebook credentials or posting activity to their profiles).

MapMyFitness is continuing to make updates based on user feedback to make it easy for you to share your workout and fitness activities on your timeline, and discover new content through friends. We empower our users to share their personal achievements and stay motivated with their friends and family, with approximately 1 in 5 visitors coming to the MapMyFitness platform through Facebook.

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