MapMyRun Updates for Windows Phone 8 Now Live

Posted on March 20th, 2013 in Blog.

We are excited to announce we have redesigned our popular mobile application for Windows Phone 8, taking advantage of design features only available on the Windows mobile platform. The revamped app was built to leverage live tiles, custom lock screen and voice commands.

The enhanced user experience highlights the way MapMyRun users view and access their stats while using the app, making the information more visual, convenient and inline with the Windows Phone 8 mobile platform. By optimizing for Windows Phone 8, we are committed to creating an open experience for our users by giving more flexibility to use the devices and operating systems they prefer.

Specifically, MapMyRun Windows Phone 8 users can now:

  • Pin MapMyRun to their Start screen to see stats on their recent workouts without having to open the app.
  • Get live workout stats on a custom lock screen – eliminating the need to unlock the phone to see distance and speed.
  • Start recording a workout by voice command – just say “MapMyRun, start workout” and go!

“Anyone who runs with their phone knows the inconvenience of unlocking the phone to see your stats. Windows Phone 8 removes the extra step of unlocking the screen, which also saves battery life,” said Scott Laing, Sr. Mobile Product Manager, MapMyFitness. “The voice command feature lets you concentrate on your run instead of your gear, removing the hassle and time required to set up your phone to start recording your workouts. Our Windows Phone users are a growing segment of the MapMyFitness family and we are excited to offer, what we believe to be, the very best fitness application on their platform of choice.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 3.55.10 PM

The Windows Phone 8 MapMyRun application is now live, with MapMyRide coming in the next few months, and will maintain standard functionality including mapping, logging and sharing workouts.

“We aim to ensure that all 14 million of our users have a completely seamless experience on their web and mobile platform of choice,” said Robin Thurston, CEO, MapMyFitness. “In the end, we want to make sure everyone has the access to lead healthier and more fit lives. We are proud to have a suite of products that is helping our users to achieve goals in a personal and appealing way, across many operating platforms.”

Download the Windows 8 MapMyRun app to learn more.