Using the CycleOps Joule GPS? Here’s a Few Tips

Posted on March 1st, 2013 in Blog. By Thomas Buba [Photo credit: DC Rainmaker]

Like any fitness hardware device, getting started can be intimidating. Luckily, the Cycleops Joule is simple to use and provides a unique look into your training. This powerful little unit has everything you need from casual riding information like speed and distance to the detail laden training needs of a professional cyclist. It is everything you want it to be. Below are a few tips for the CycleOps newbies out there to get you started, using the device and enjoying its functionality to the fullest.

  • Tip #1: The Joule GPS starts a ride when you start rolling/moving. Simple enough. This is set by your speed sensor (if you are using one) or by GPS position. Don’t spend time looking for a start button or record option, because there isn’t one.
  • Tip #2: GPS devices are not mobile phones. They all take some time to locate and acquire GPS satellite signals. Average wait time on this can take up to 8 minutes, so plan ahead if you can. You can check your navigation information from the menu screen. Hold the top right button to get to MENU screen -> Navigation -> GPS Status.
  • Tip #3: Do yourself a huge favor and download the CycleOps PowerAgent software. It will allow you to enter and edit your basic rider info, device settings, etc. without needing to navigate the device itself. See the download page here. Use the device to set up your user name and then plug in the device with the provided USB cable and open up PowerAgent, where you can enter the rest of your information including height, weight, and power information. This is a much faster method, trust us.



    • Tip #4: To save yourself a few device-chucking moments of frustration, configure your Automatic Ride End settings. From the menu options at the top, select “Users” and then select “Joule.” Below your Trip meter info, there are three options. Select the “Automatic Ride End” tab and set it to “NEVER.” You will thank us later when you get back on your bike after a flat and it HAS NOT started a new ride. You are very welcome.



    Lastly, here are some quick short cuts on the Joule to access before or during a ride.

    From the RIDE VIEW:

    • Top right button only – toggles between your dashboard views
    • Bottom left only – toggles your function view (on the bottom portion of the screen – Watts, HR, MPH, KJ, etc.)
    • Bottom left + bottom right – hold for 3 seconds to sync with any of your ANT+ Devices or heart rate straps
    • Center button + the bottom right – hold for 3 seconds to put the device in sleep mode
    • Top right button only – allows you to toggle back and fourth between the menu screen and the dashboard screen

    Lastly, don’t forget to sync your Joule with MapMyRide – happy riding.