Your MVP Questions – Answered.

Posted on February 4th, 2013 in Blog.

What is the MVP membership from MapMyFitness?
MVP is a new mobile and web subscription package that will change the way you work out and offer new feature rich tools on both your mobile phone and online to help track, monitor and share your fitness progress.

When will this service be available to users?
MVP is now live, and available for upgrade.

What new features will be included in the MVP subscription?
By becoming an MVP, users will have unlocked access to the following toolset:

  • Advanced heart rate analytics: Improve your performance by tracking your min, max and average heart rate per mile and measure your total time in each heart rate zone.
  • Mobile coaching: Coaching allows you to train with custom workout goals. Choose a distance, pace, speed or time goal to stay on track.
  • Training plans: Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced athlete, achieve your fitness goal by choosing a training plan that’s right for you.
  • Route recommender: Create quick maps by entering your desired area and distance goal. The Route Recommender will auto create a new route for you to save, print or share.
  • Custom splits: Choose from different split distances for a more tailored workout report.
  • Power analysis: Add power to track your peak power output per mile and measure your overall effort in each power zone for more efficient training.
  • Cadence analysis: Track cadence on your runs and rides to improve speed and efficiency. The higher your cadence is, the faster you’ll be.
  • Advanced map features: Plan, customize and print routes for your next run, ride or fitness activity. Use map markers to call out specific miles, water stops, turns and more.
  • Advanced leaderboard filters: Enjoy some friendly competition and see how you stack up against other athletes in your age group.
  • Live Tracking: Allow friends and family to track your workout on a map in real time.
  • Ad Free: Enjoy your workout with zero interruptions.

Where can I sign up to become an MVP?
New users can visit to upgrade to the MVP subscriptions, or purchase directly within the mobile application in the “upgrade” section.

Is the MVP offering only available on the iOS platform?

  • MVP features for iOS = Interval Training, Live Tracking, Mobile Coaching, Leaderboard filters by age group (mobile and web), custom splits (mobile and web) and an ad free experience.
  • MVP features for Android = ad free experience.

What are the price points for the MVP subscription?
The MVP subscription package will be $29.99/yr. OR $5.99/mo. for a comprehensive web and mobile experience.

What is the company’s strategy for existing premium members?
All premium members will be grandfathered in to our new MVP offering. Price plans will change dependent on current subscription levels upon expiration.

What features are being removed from the free version?
Nothing that exists today for our free or +app members will be removed with this new offering. MapMyFitness recently tested beta features (Coaching and Live Tracking) to our free AND +app users. These two features are now available in the MVP subscription offering.

Why change up your business model?
Our ultimate goal as a company is to help millions of people across the world lead healthier and fit lives. We believe the MVP subscription package will help our users achieve fitness goals in a more fun, engaging way with detailed analytics for all logged activity. We have added a whole suite of functionality that our users can utilize to help reach new goals and achievements.

How will the consumer experience change with this new offering?
As an MVP subscriber, you will have unlimited functionality on both the mobile and web platforms. Our goal is help you utilize all of our tools holistically to ensure your health and fitness stays on track. The subscription experience will unlock advanced functionality on the mobile app, with new graphs and charts. This offering also allows for even more engagement on the web, including advanced mapping tools and comprehensive workout details.