Walking the Walk

Posted on January 30th, 2013 in Blog. We all know that challenges and training plans are both excellent ways to help fuel the fire of accountability after the New Year. The MapMyFitness challenges are continuing to grow – our latest reaching almost 40,000 participants! What might surprise you is that the team at MapMyFitness is also encouraged (highly) to lead by example and participate in internal-only competitions. These opportunities can definitely lead to some healthy competition in the office, but it’s nice that we practice what we preach – a healthier lifestyle.


The Gobbler Grind internal challenge was a grueling 60-days, which officially ended today. We can proudly report that in the last 60 days, our company burned 1.1 million calories, logged 3,176 workouts, completed 2,145 hours of activity and mapped 11,534 miles. Not bad.

Rewards like “most consistent” and “most improved” helped motivate employees who may be need that extra boost to get going (trust us when we say we have some pretty serious athletes in the house). And along with prizes, we also give back – this time donating to a local charity providing food to the underprivileged.

So how did we stay motivated during these challenges? Group runs and rides. Establishing weekly workouts has not only built outstanding camaraderie among our growing team, but also improved our total mileage. With our offices (both Austin and Denver) located downtown, access to trails and new routes are at our disposal. Team workouts are not only fun – they can be integrated into your training, with research showing the support, variety and motivation a group provides can help improve physical and mental health and create lasting exercise routines. So grab a partner and get going.

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