Trouble Sticking to Your Resolution? Me too.

Posted on January 7th, 2013 in Blog. By: Sam Gerk

MapMyFitness username: sam.gerk

To begin, I must admit that I am terrible at setting goals. Let me rephrase – not setting goals, but completing goals. I will also begin with the assumption that you aren’t much better at this challenging task. For 2013, myself, along with thousands of others, will try again to tackle bold health and fitness resolutions. However, I’m going to change things up a bit this year and try something new. Because I know there are many people like me, I’m going to guess that many of you failed to achieve your 2012 resolution (don’t worry, I’m not judging). Also like me, you might not have achieved your 2011 resolution or 2010 resolution. So, this is the year that my resolution is simply to stick to my resolution.

I grew up in a small town in Colorado where almost everyone played sports (or engaged in some sort of physical activity). Growing up, I had practice of some sport every night for nine months out of the year from 6th grade on. Lately, I’ve been a bit jealous of the shape I was in back then. Check me out, 7th grade, fit as a fiddle. Well, not exactly but decent shape nonetheless.


Look, I feel your pain with the over abundance of people telling me to get in shape or watch what I eat. There is a reason people refer to the “January blues” – cold weather and a plate full of broccoli – not for me. Every day we are pummeled with statistics telling us how important our health is to our future. And every year we feel obligated to include one drastic health and/or fitness resolution we will make. It seems to find its way on to most of our lists every year because it’s one of the hardest resolutions to keep. I am no exception. I’m lazy, like to eat good food, and I cringe at the thought of exercise. I’d much prefer to simply watch the fitness inclined individuals on ESPN while I kick my feet up.

This year (through baby steps) I believe wholeheartedly that I will be able to stick to my resolution with the help of the tracking tools provided by MapMyFitness. Studies show that habits, both healthy and unhealthy, are formed over the course of 30 days of a certain behavior. So this year, rather than looking at my resolution as a yearlong endeavor, I figure that if I can make it 30 days it will then become routine. Fortunately, there is a challenge that started January 1st that will allow me to stick to my 30 days of consecutive activity.


If you are anything like me, and really do want to stick to your resolution, but struggle to develop good habits, feel free to join me on my quest, as the challenge is open to everyone!