Member Spotlight: Adam Cerullo, MapMyRun Enthusiast

MapMyFitness would not be where it is today without our members. The excitement has not worn off any time we hear how one of our products has positively impacted a life. The below guest post comes from Adam Cerullo, MapMyRun enthusiast.

My name is Adam Cerullo and I completed 500 miles of running in 2012 and tracked it all through your site,

This accomplishment was part of my 2012 New Year’s resolution. Completing this goal has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I did go through 3 pairs of shoes this year, but it was worth the expense. A couple of reasons why this has been such an impact are the following:

From raising children to my job and money and dealing with people that you’d rather not have to deal with, running has provided an extraordinary release. People always say how exercise is a great stress relief. Well, running provides something a little bit more than that. With the right music and mind set, running is hypnotic. Consistent breathing and the steady pace helped to remedy my daily struggles.


Nature Appreciation:
Running also allowed me to observe nature at its finest. Whether it’s at a park or in the mountains, outdoor running has shown me so much. I have witnessed a very large migration of geese in northern Colorado, the skies black with thousands of flapping birds flying overhead. I have also witnessed a pair of Bald Eagles – I did not even know they were indigenous to Colorado!

I have seen all of the seasons and run during all of them. I have run in the hottest of hot and the coldest of cold. I have seen fields change from brown to light green. I have seen the trees bud leafs and the tulips rise out of the ground to greet the sun. I have run in mud, in snow, on snow, on ice, on rocks, on green grass and up and down hills.

My Family: Running for my family has become an activity we can all do together. My stepson ran his first 5K this year (and beat me)! While my daughter can not run herself, her stroller has accompanied me on many runs where she has seen friendly dogs, quiet trails and how learned how sprinklers work. My wife has also played an integral part in my journey – before this year she had never run before.

She started off like me; at a slow pace, but slightly increasing with each run. She is the most determined person I know and when she wants to accomplish something, she barrels forward and does it. On days when we run now, she comes out at a quick pace and it is hard to keep up with. (Keep in mind, when we first started, she could barely run a mile.) She just recently finished her first 5K. We were separated during the race, however at the finish line, when we couldn’t find each other, she called me and exclaimed “I DID IT!” That was one of the most wonderful sounds she has ever made.


I Can Inspire:
Throughout this adventure the goal was to run 500 miles and maybe shed some pounds. People would ask what was I training for. My answer was always, life. The older I get I am starting to see how fragile life can be and how beautiful it is. I am also seeing that it is resilient but it requires respect. I fear a lot of things and I don’t want to miss anything, so if I can somehow give myself a chance to see a little bit more of the gift of life, then that is what I am going to do. This adventure has finally ended but the journey will continue and my goals will encompass more activities that will hopefully be as rewarding. While running I have laughed and I have cried and my overall feeling of accomplishment has overwhelmed me. Thank you for providing this service. This tool absolutely helped me and some might say, allowed me to accomplish this goal. Now I can say “I DID IT!”