Guest Post – Janae Jacobs, The Hungry Runner Girl

Posted on January 17th, 2013 in Blog. As runners, we love to set goals. Whether it is to run our first race, set a new personal record in a 5k or cross the finish line of our first marathon, we love to set goals for ourselves. January 1st is the day that many people make resolutions and goals for themselves, so of course we runners set a few big ones for our running and ourselves. It can be tough to keep up with these resolutions during the cold weather months but we CAN do it!

Here are a few things that I do to motivate myself to keep up with my running related goals and resolutions.

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1. Sign up for a spring race. I love signing up for races because it is a huge motivation for me to keep up with my training. Races can be expensive and I am not about to waste money by not training for a race that I have already signed up for. Just knowing that in a few months I need to run 26.2 miles makes me get out of bed, into the cold and out for a run.

2. Use social media to your advantage. Writing a running blog is a huge motivator for me to continue to run. I have many running blogs that I love to follow because their workouts and posts always inspire me to run.

JJ2 3. Track your mileage. I track all of my mileage using the MapMyRun app on my phone and that really helps me to stay motivated because it allows me to see all of my stats. Seeing improvements over the week/ month/ year is a great way to keep you wanting to continue to run because you can see how far you have come and how much potential you have.

4. Change your perspective. Whenever I start feeling less excited about running and my goals, I change my thoughts from ‘I have to run’ to ‘I GET to run.’ When I realize that it is a huge blessing to be able to move my body, work up a sweat and gain the benefits from exercise I get really excited to go for a run.

5. Reward yourself. I know you have heard it over and over again but rewarding yourself can really keep you motivated with your goals. I like to set up rewards like buying new running shoes or a workout outfit, going for a massage or pedicure, a mini vacation or treating myself to my favorite restaurant when I achieve one of my goals.


6. Find a running partner. I love my solo runs but on the days or weeks that I am feeling less motivated to run I find someone to go with me that helps me to push myself!

7. Allow your body plenty of rest. When we are training for something our recovery is just as important as our running. Make sure that you are sleeping enough, taking a rest day every now and then and including easy runs in your schedule because you will be much less likely to burn out and much more likely to achieve your goals if you are recovering properly.

You can read more from Janae on her blog – The Hungry Runner Girl, or follow her at @hungryrunnergrl.