2013: The Year of “Me”

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 in Blog. By: Brian Shepherd, New England Sales

As an admitted “yo-yo” health and fitness nut, I have made a few personal decisions that will hopefully enable me to remove the “yo-yo” word from that description of myself. Like everyone else, as another year came to a frantic and hectic close, I reflected on the highs and lows of my 2012 intention to live a healthier and more active life. If I were being completely honest, I’d give myself a solid C, or maybe a C+. I did manage to drop quite a bit of weight in the late summer, but eventually put 50% of the weight back on later in the year. I didn’t get to the gym or go out for as many runs as I would have liked, but I did have weeks or months of very dedicated activity. I dropped out of a 150-mile cycle event, which was disappointing, as I just didn’t feel like I could dedicate the necessary time to train and do the event without being sore for months. Consistency is what ultimately derailed me. I attribute this to having a job where I travel quite a bit, and am up very late, or very early preparing weekly reports, or board presentations.


I am relatively new to the MapMyFitness team, and while the company will surely be happy to hear that I won’t be working less, I have been afforded the opportunity to work from home, not travel as much, and come to a company where the mission is to make the world a healthier and fitter place. I can’t be the 30-pound overweight guy who won’t walk a flight of stairs and who eats fried food for lunch and realistically represent this company. Additionally, I’ve agreed to publically document my progress as 2013 begins, for the world to see. I’m “all in” as they say.

As I begin my plan, I am starting with a simple exercise of realizing three types of goals I want to achieve in 2013. All three have varying degrees of difficulty, but as with all good goals, all are measurable and achievable with the right game plan and dedication.

  • Maintain a healthy weight of 185 lbs: As it stands, I have 15 to lose. I am a male, in my early 40s, and almost six feet tall. 185 pounds is a very healthy weight for someone in my category.
  • Document my 2013 activity: My exercise file consists of running, weight lifting, yoga, and participating in various pick-up activities (soccer, softball, basketball). MapMyFitness enables me to document all of my favorite activities.
  • Set solid numbers: I will aim to run a total of 1,000 miles in 2013, as well as bike in a 150-mile ride during the summer.


I will document my progress right here on the company blog to ensure that I stay on track, remain accountable and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Wish me luck!