Stay Fit Holiday Challenge Progress Report

Posted on December 21st, 2012 in Blog. The Stay Fit Holiday Challenge is underway, with just 10 days remaining, and we could not be more excited with the participation levels. More than 15,000 people have registered to tackle 30 minutes of activity for 20 days during the month of December (15,939 people to be exact). That is huge. There is still time left, but our users had already logged 129,749 total activities. We know it’s tough – but keep up the good work. We are routing for you. So how are we looking so far?

  • Total calories: 62,002,988
  • Total hours: 115,308 (that’s 6,918,480 minutes!)
  • Total distance: 1,601,404 miles
  • When it comes to scheduling a workout, Tuesday and Wednesday were the most active (with Monday close behind). I think we can all admit starting off the week on the right foot is a definite mood booster (as well as working off indulgent weekends). The least active day was Friday.


    Are you curious where your other challengers are logging their workouts? Looking at registered contenders – Austin, New York, and San Diego are tied for the top spot. Rounding out the top 10 locations are Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Houston, Boston, Phoenix and Washington.


    There are a majority of female participants (68% vs. 32% male), with the main age group falling in the [35- 44 yr.] bracket. Our challenge encompasses people of all ages though – so don’t get discouraged – the more, the merrier. To help you stay focused, we have included a few tips below:

    • Incorporate activity into your daily routine: Workouts don’t always have to be a run in the park – track all of your activity, including walking the dog, taking the stairs at work, or raking the leaves in your backyard.
    • Make it social: People are more likely to say, “yes” to a workout when asked by a friend or colleague. Put a little friendly pressure on this holiday season.
    • Keep a log: The beauty of our challenge is the ease in which you can see your success. Tracking and monitoring progress helps people stay on track.
    You have until 11:59PM on December 31st to log all of your workouts for the Holiday Challenge, so keep up the good work!