MapMyFitness Reveals List of Fittest of the Fit US Cities and States and Releases New Monthly Index

Posted on January 11th, 2012 in News.

Austin, Texas — January 10, 2012 – According to research from leading fitness social network MapMyFitness, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Colorado, Vermont and Oregon are the fittest states in the U.S., while Louisiana, Alabama, Wyoming, West Virginia and Mississippi rank lowest on the list.

Released today, the Fittest of the Fit Index rankings were determined by the fitness activities of 1.7 million active MapMyFitness community members in over 2,500 cities nationwide. The Fittest of the Fit Index rankings will be updated on a monthly basis throughout the year based on the self-reported runs, bike rides, walks, gym sessions and other calorie-burning activities recorded by the 6 million registered MapMyFitness community members. Anyone who joins the MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide or other MapMy community in 2012 and logs their workouts will be able to impact their city and state’s rankings.

“Unlike other rankings that use small samples or arbitrary data like the number of gyms or movie theaters to determine a city or state’s fitness level, the Fittest of the Fit Indices uses meaningful workout data from real people to provide a great snapshot of the state of fitness in our country,” said Robin J. Thurston, Co-Founder of MapMyFitness.

Based on the activities of 1.7 million people, the top 5 Fittest of the Fit states are:

  1. 1. District of Columbia
  2. 2. Massachusetts
  3. 3. Colorado
  4. 4. Vermont
  5. 5. Oregon

In the large cities category, the top 5 Fittest of the Fit cities are:

  1. 1. Minneapolis, Minn.
  2. 2. Denver, Colo.
  3. 3. Atlanta, Ga.
  4. 4. Pittsburgh, Pa.
  5. 5. Seattle, Wash.

Analysis of the Fittest of the Fit index found that certain cities and states with a lower percentage of overweight or obese residents, such as Hawaii and Montana, are not as active as cities and states with higher percentages of overweight or obese residents, such as Oregon and Washington. This comparison draws interesting conclusions about the accuracy of solely using BMI data to determine a city or state’s fitness level, as well as which states are equipped with the right infrastructure to allow their residents to pursue a greater level of physical activity.

“By making this regularly updated data available to state and city governments, we hope it urges efforts to develop wellness programs, safe cycling routes, trail development and other incentives that will support active and healthy lifestyles in communities across the country,” added Thurston.

To view the complete listing of the Fittest of the Fit cities and states and to add your fitness activities to the index, visit .

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